To Our valued patients:

We are back in practice and all of us at Taschner Periodontics are so happy to see all our wonderful patients!

We are also still offering virtual appointments which can be requested through the website form.

After weeks of preparation and 3 days of training on implementation of new safety procedures, we re-opened our practice on Wednesday, May 6th. We are happy to report that even though our check in, treatment and check-out procedures (see list below) are quite different than they were before the COVID-19 pandemic, everything has run smoothly and, as is no surprise, our wonderful patients’ cooperation and understanding of these changes has been outstanding. Thank all of you for helping us keep you safe by co-operating with the new CDC recommended safety procedures.

As you know by now, your safety and the safety all of our team members are our top priority. Because of our strong commitment to your safety and comfort, we have implemented preventive procedures that meet and exceed the CDC’s recommendations.

Here are some of the preventive procedures we have recently implemented:

  1. Pre-appointment COVID-19 health screening. We will call our patients or send an email or text message with a link to our COVID-19 Pre-appointment Health Screening Questionnaire. We fully realize that this may be an added inconvenience. However, it is a CDC requirement for all medical and dental visits, and it is meant to help us keep our patients and team members safe. We appreciate your cooperation.
  2. “Check in” when you arrive. Patients will “check in” at the front desk upon arrival at the office. Although we will be “fogging” the furniture with an effective and safe disinfectant, there is no practical way to sterilize the furniture in the reception area after each patient. Therefore, we are asking patients to wait outside or in their car. If this is not practical, patients can wait in the reception area, being sure to social distance.
  3. Only the patient will be permitted to enter the office. For patients who have been driven to the office, we request that the driver drop off and pick up the patient, rather than waiting in the office. We ask that the person picking the patient up wait in or near their car for a call from the patient or our office. We will make every attempt to make the wait minimal.
  4. Patients’ temperature will be taken at the front desk after entering the office and
  5. Hand sanitizer will be provided. Please use hand sanitizer after entering the office.
  6. Personal items. We will ask our patients to place all personal items that are carried into the office into a plastic bag that will be provided. Please leave large purses and briefcases at home if possible.
  7. Paying for the visit. If patients have not prepaid for their visit or have a monthly payment arrangement, payment can be made in the office with the help of hand sanitizers before and after the payment. 
  8. Room disinfection. All rooms will be thoroughly disinfected with strong antiviral and antibacterial agents before and after patient visits. All surfaces will be sprayed and wiped. The reception area and patient bathrooms are disinfected throughout the day.
  9. Pre-procedural rinse. Patients will be asked to rinse with a pre-procedural anti-viral rinse of peroxide before any procedure.
  10. Personal protective equipment. All team members will wear masks and any other personal protective equipment required and this will depend on their position. For example, the team members at the front office only need to wear masks, but the clinical staff will wear masks, gloves, eye protection, face shields, head covers, shoe covers and gowns.
  11. Containing aerosols. Many dental procedures produce aerosols which can spread oral bacteria and viruses into the air. In order to prevent this, we have purchased state-of-the-art equipment that will suction away the aerosol before it can be released into the air.

COVID-19 Patient Infection Prevention Fee. (PPE fees)

In order to keep our patients and team members safe, protecting everyone in the office from the transmission of COVID-19 and to comply with CDC dental practice safety requirements, Taschner Periodontics is now using upgraded and increased amounts of Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE.

Due to increased global demand and limited supply, the price of PPE has dramatically increased. Unfortunately, our practice can only absorb a portion of these costs; therefore, patients will be assessed a PPE fee of $15 or non-surgical visits and $55 for surgical visits.

These fees could feasibly increase, decrease, or even disappear, depending on the ever-changing status of COVID-19 and the recommendation of the Centers for Disease Control.

We realize that these additional fees could pose a financial burden and we regret having to charge our patients. However, our fees were calculated to cover the cost of treatment prior to the pandemic and could not account for the increase in costs associated with instituting these new procedures to keep everyone safe.

We sincerely thank all of our patients who have expressed their appreciation of all of the safety precautions and changes that we have made.

On-Line Dental Consultations

We realize that some of our patients may feel that they are not healthy enough to come into the office or may have to travel long distances and would prefer to limit the number of trips to our office. If we have adequate records on file, we now can do online consultations. This can only realistically be useful after a patient’s initial visit when and oral examination, photographs and x-rays can be obtained.

If you would like to set up an online tele-dentistry meeting or have any questions about an upcoming appointment, please contact Taschner Periodontics at Periodontist Office in Fort Myers Phone Number 239-936-0635 or submit a request online.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Stay Safe and Healthy,

Dr. Ronny Taschner and Dr. Jennifer Taschner & The Taschner Periodontics team