Gummy Smile Treatment in Fort Myers, FL

The correction of a gummy smile, also referred to esthetic crown lengthening, is a procedure that is done to improve patients’ smiles and the result is immediate. Patients leave the office with a smile that is drastically improved from the smile they had before the procedure.

What causes a gummy smile?

A gummy smile, or excessive gingival display, is a condition in which a significant amount of gum shows when you smile. Gummy smiles can be a result of short teeth with excess gum tissue around them, a short upper lip, or an upper jaw that developmentally is in an unesthetic position. In some cases, orthodontic treatments (not Invisalign) can cause excessive growth of gum tissue, and result in a gummy smile.

 Gummy smile - before surgery


 Gummy smile - after surgery


Am I a candidate for gummy smile treatment?

We will always recommend an evaluation so we can perform a complete clinical and radiographic exam to determine if you are a candidate for gummy smile treatment.

Some indicators that you may be a candidate for Gummy Smile Treatment:

  • You feel that you have a low gumline and when you smile you show too much gum
  • You feel that your gums cover too much of your teeth
  • You have recurring bleeding gums
  • You have taken a medication (Dilantin, Phenytoin) that has resulted in an overgrowth of gum tissue

How to Fix a Gummy Smile

Esthetic crown lengthening transforms small teeth into regular-sized, beautifully shaped and naturally contoured teeth.

Esthetic crown lengthening decreases the amount of gum tissue visible when you smile.

During the procedure the gum tissue is reshaped, exposing the natural contours and beauty of your teeth.

Gummy Smiles FAQs

What is the difference between esthetic crown lengthening and gingivectomy?

A Gingivectomy was a popular procedure in the early days of periodontics. This procedure cut away diseased tissue, but with modern advances in the treatment of periodontal disease, gingivectomy has very few applications.

Functional Crown Lengthening vs. Esthetic Crown Lengthening

We typically perform function crown lengthening so that your dentist has sufficient healthy tooth to work with as they place a filling or crown. This surgical procedure recontours the gum tissue and underlying bone around the tooth. Without crown lengthening, there is not enough tooth is exposed, prohibiting your dentist from properly placing a filling or crown.

We use esthetic crown lengthening for patients with short teeth that would like to correct a gummy smile. When gums do not settle at the neck of a tooth or don’t expose the entire crown naturally, we recontour the gum and bone, resulting in a less gummy smile.

How much does crown lengthening cost?

As with all procedures, it’s best if you come in for a full evaluation in which we can assess your unique situation and the extent of crown lengthening needed. From there, we can give you an accurate estimate of the cost.

How long is recovery after crown lengthening?

Recovery is generally quite rapid, with initial healing taking place in the first week.

You should be able to return to your everyday activities within a 1-3 days of the surgery. We recommend you pay attention to how your gums are healing, avoid exercise for the first few days, and talk to us about any concerns you may have. Any discomfort usually responds to over-the-counter pain medications such as ibuprofen.

Crown lengthening is a common treatment that is effective and goes smoothly when done by a qualified professional like our doctors. You are in expert hands at Taschner Periodontics.

Before & After Gummy Smile Correction

 Before crown lengthening surgery


 After crown lengthening surgery